Henriette Sagfjord was born in Trondheim on January 23rd, 1997. 

Suffering from depression at an early age, she found photography and
self-portraiture to help express herself and be open about her mental health.
Playing with lighting and narratives, her photos are emblematic of a lonely dreamlike world. 

She is an official Leica ambassador, making artwork and always seeking
to find creative ways in portraying what’s in front of her. Looking for details
and capturing more than the eye can see, especially when it comes to
portraits, street, fashion and music photography. 

Henriette has a way of seeing and always seeking to capture the obscure, unnatural moments that creates curiosity and eagerness to understand
the whole picture.

She finds inspiration in nature and music, to reinterpret her
surroundings and disconnect from the world.

She is currently based in Oslo, Norway.

Portrait video of Henriette Sagfjord made by Leica.

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